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Ver preguntas y respuestas. Compra verificada. The speakerphone function on my telephone does not work well so I was looking for a full duplex box that could plug into the headset jack of the phone's handset. This fit the bill nicely. Telephones that include full duplex speakerphones are very pricey.

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While the chat 50 is not cheap, it is well worth the price. The chat 50 is far better than the speakerphone function on my panasonic link2cell phone system.

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But, in addition, it is also a great full duplex speakerphone for Skype calls, and gotomeeting conference calls. The only issue I've ever had is that I am primarily a mac user and the software that you need to use to set up the chat 50 only runs on windows. I didn't think it mattered because when I connected it to the mac it worked immediately. But when I connected my cellphone, there was a very distinct echo that I could only fix by getting a Windows machine set up so I could configure the chat 50 properly. Other than this, I've been very happy with this purchase. So much in fact that I've just purchased 2 more units.

It does not support any iPhone generation beyond iPhone 3.

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That is the bottom line. I am very disappointed, and the reason for the 1 star rating is that the incompatibility with iPhone 4 and later is not mentioned anywhere in the product literature, on line reviews, no where can I find this critically important information. There is detailed instructions for using with "iPhone" no reference to generations in their support literature including the list of adapters and cords needed to make it work. I bought all of the necessary adapter only available Apple and cords over the past 10 days only to find that it doesn't work.

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It took 5 calls to technical support before I got someone expert enough to tell me straight up that it doesn't support any iPhone beyond generation 3. I'm returning the Chat I'm stuck with these cords and adapters.

To their credit, the ClearOne Tech Support Manager that informed me of the compatibility helped me identify a solid solution. He advised to only get a Bluetooth device nothing corded and spoke very highly of the Jabra offerings I've been taking this on trips and to meetings for the last years, and I use it for business and personal calls in webinars and with Skype. I bought an adapter for the iPhone and couldn't get that to work but the missing functionality is not a big loss for my purposes.


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The device is compact, durable, and easy to use. The speaker is fine for conversations and fills up the room. It's great for conferences in offices or small-midsized conference rooms. The mike is evidently fine, too, and picks up conversations from around the table though I've never been on the receiving end of this device. Sometimes I lean into it to make sure I'm heard, but I find I do that more in small offices where there are echoes than in larger rooms where my voice doesn't have to compete with itself.

The ability to capture voice is what matters to me in most cases, as I want other people to hear me well while I'm hands-free. I do sometimes play music through it, but that is not one of its strengths compared to the many small music speakers that are available. I've had the Chat 50 for about a year now, and it's one of the best tech buys I've made in recent years. Sound quality is remarkable--better than any handset I own--and the audio performance on Skype is head-and-shoulders above any other device I've used or watched others use.

It honestly seems as if the other person is in the room with you. The easy mute button is particularly helpful because I spend much of my work-life on Skype conference calls. Less helpful are the volume controls, which require lots of repeat-pressing to adjust the volume up or down by any considerable amount. The microphone quality is excellent, allowing me to wander a good distance from the mic while still carrying on a conversation.

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